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Woman Reading by a River, French School

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Dr Thomas Monro (1759-1833)

He was born 1759, in London, youngest son of Dr John Monro (9th of Fyrish) and Elizabeth Culling Smith. He was educated at Harrow under Samuel Parr and attended Oriel College, Oxford where he graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 1787. Admitted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 1791, and acted as Censor on three separate occasions. He delivered the Harveian Oration in 1799. In 1811, he was named as an Elect of the College.

He was a pupil of John Laporte but he has a place in art history as mentor of the teenage geniuses JMW Turner and Thomas Girtin in the 1790s at his Adelphi home. He was physician at the Bethlem Hospital (Bedlam) and was consulted during the madness of George III in 1811 - 12.

Woodland Lake by

Woodland Lake


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