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Lowestoft Beach, Suffolk, John Salmon

 t. 01935 814465  e.

Hermanus Koekkoek yr. (1836-1909)

Hermanus Koekkoek de Jonge, like his brothers Willem , Johannes Hermanus Barend and Barend Hendrik , was trained by his father, who had just settled in Amsterdam.

In the 1860s he regularly traveled to London, and settled there permanently in 1869. He successfully ran an art shop and sold, in addition to his own work, many paintings of his family members. Particularly the great popularity of his uncle Barend Cornelis in England was largely due to him.

As a painter he focused mainly on sea, river and beach scenes, in the romantic - realistic style that also characterized the work of most of his family members. He had a preference for scenes in which ships were on course to keep their course on the turbulent waves. His later work is less romantic and expressly influences the Hague School . In his London period he often worked under the pseudonyms Jan van Couver and Louis van Straaten. He regularly collaborated with the painter Lion Schulman (1851-1943).

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