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Haymakers Resting, Thomas Miles Richardson jnr

 t. 01935 814465  e.

William Stephen Tomkin (1861-1940)

Marine painter in watercolour who was born in 1861 at Boughton Monchelsea, Kent.

At first it was thought that he might study to become an architect, but he was more interested in becoming an artist so he took the opportunity to work as a draughtsman for General Pitt Rivers who was Inspector of Ancient Monuments. He was to accompany the General throughout the country recording the ancient sites & he also illustrated two of Pitt River's books on archeology.

In 1889 he joined the artists department of Waterlow & Sons as a designer & illustrator and he was to remain with the firm for over forty years.

He was a talented painter of marines who was equally able to portry both steam & sail.

His work found favoured patrons such as Sir Thomas Lipton but Tomkin never really exploited his art commercially.

He only exhibited once in London, 'Wind against Tide' at the Royal Academy in 1909.

His work is not often seen on the market today and a fine example should command a high price.

Shipping in an Estuary

Shipping in an Estuary


7¼" x 13½"



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