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A Sloop at Sea, Charles Taylor Junior

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Robert Jobling (1841-1923)

Robert Jobling (1841–1923) was a British artist. He worked as a glass-maker until he was sixteen, but spent his free time sketching & attending Cosens-Way's evening classes. Thereafter he was a foreman painter in a shipyard, only devoting himself entirely to art in 1899.

He first had work accepted by both the Royal Academy and Royal Society of British Artists in 1883. In 1910 he was elected President of the Bewick Club.

He painted regularly at the fishing village of Cullercoats and later at Staithes. He attained a position of some standing in the Staithes group. His main artistic exposure was in exhibitions in the north of England. His Wife Isa & their son Joseph were also painters.

Jobling lived in Whitley Bay (near Cullercoats) and was a prominent member of the Cullercoats artist colony, along with Henry Emmerson, and various other artists including Winslow Homer. In 1890, the Newcastle Daily Journal wrote, "Mr. Jobling has made Cullercoats famous for his canvases, and by-the-by he will be famous for over-running the village with tourists".


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