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A Sloop at Sea, Charles Taylor Junior

 t. 01935 814465  e.

James Ward, RA (1769-1859)

He was the brother of W. Ward ARA & brother-in-law of George Morland. He was first apprenticed to J. R. Smith & then to his brother.
His Early paintings are very much in the manner of G. Morland. He was elected ARA & RA in 1807 & 1811.

His watercolours are often the by-product of his many commissions to paint portraits of cattle & other animals. However, these studies, & those of birds & more exotic creatures done for his own instruction, are among the most lifelike & impressive of all British watercolours of animals. 

His landscapes, for whichhe modelled his style on that of Rubens, are also full of observation, & they are surprisingly modern in feeling. In this context, that in one or two of his sketches he anticipates the discoveries of the camera as to the correct movement of horses. He worked in many parts of britain & did many sketches of well known views.

Examples of his work are in major collections, including the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Ashmoleum, Williamson Art Gallery, Cartwright Hall, Leeds City Art Gallery, Maidstone Museum, Manchester & elsewhere.

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