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Morning on the Thames, George Arthur Fripp

 t. 01935 814465  e.

Henry Martens (1790-1868)

He was an English military illustrator and artist. He created works for the firm of Rudolf Ackermann who ran the Eclipse Sporting Gallery at 191 Regent Street. The majority of these depicted military uniforms and battle scenes, particularly images of the Sikh Wars and the Kaffir Wars. He worked mainly in water-color although a few oil paintings do exist. Little is known about Martens' career beyond his work for Ackermann.

He exhibited pictures at various galleries including the British Institution and particularly at the Society of British Artists. Between 1828 and 1842, he showed no fewer than 34 water-colors at the latter, the majority depicting military scenes such as The Skirmish at Drumclog (1833–34), Out-post duty - English Hussars (1836), Charles I at the Battle of Naseby (1839) and Cavalry engagement at Benevente during Sir John Moore's Retreat (1842).

The 2nd (Queen’s Dragoon Guards)

The 2nd (Queen’s Dragoon Guards)


12¼" x 11"



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