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Lowestoft Beach, Suffolk, John Salmon

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Ken Moroney, b. 1949

Born in London on the 14th February 1949 of Irish father and English mother, Moroney became interested in art at an early age, but his creative development came from books, galleries and museums, as he was totally self-taught. His father, typically for his generation, considered a career as an artist somewhat effeminate so Ken took up boxing for a while, even winning a gold medal for South London in his teens but it was clear that his artistic talent was too great to be suppressed.

He was nominated by the Royal Academy in the summer of 1976 as being one of the few promising young artists to emerge this century.

Moroney has travelled widely, spending several years in France and 2 years working for major galleries in New York. He has exhibited extensively including at The Royal Academy, at David Messum Gallery, the Klein Gallery, Ontario, and Beaux-Arts, Paris, and his works grace many important private collections in Britain, Europe and USA

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