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Medway Barge Race 1927, William Lionel Wyllie

 t. 01935 814465  e.

Dominic Serres (Fl. 1778-1804)

He was a French-born painter strongly associated with the English school of painting, and with paintings with a naval or marine theme. Such were his connections with the English art world, that he became one of the founding members of the Royal Academy in 1768, and was later briefly (from 1792 until his death) its librarian.

He he was initially expected to train as a priest but instead travelled to Spain and became a shipís captain, sailing to Cuba. He was taken prisoner by the British navy towards the end of the 1740s and eventually settled in London in about 1758, where it is believed he trained as a painter in Northamptonshire and later in London under Charles Brooking. In 1780, he was appointed Marine Painter to King George III.

Rustics with Horse & Cart by a Cottage

Rustics with Horse & Cart by a Cottage


20¾" x 17¼"



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