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Dunbrody Abbey, Wexford, Aston Bragg

 t. 01935 814465  e.

Middleton Alexander Jameson (18511919)

The painter-sculptor was born in Edinburgh, the son of a newspaper editor. Jameson's address in 1881 was in Paris, followed by time spent in Etaples, Pas de Calais (1887), and then back to London before arriving in St Ives about 1889. In 1893 his sending-in address was in St Ives.

He had moved back to Scotland, to Glasgow, by 1896. Thereafter, he appears to have to lived mainly in London although he exhibited with the Cornish artists at their Whitechapel Exhibition in 1902. Nevertheless, his address had moved back to Paris the following year, so it is to be supposed that he continued to share his time between the two cities.

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