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Haymakers Resting, Thomas Miles Richardson jnr

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Alois Boudry (1851-1938)

Alois Boudry was a distinguished Belgian born painter of genre scenes. He studied firstly at the Academy in Ieper, then Vervolgens in Roeselare and finally at the Academy of Antwerp under Nicaise de Keyser and J. Van Lerius. In 1885 he joined ĎAls ik Kaní, an Antwerp association of Beeldende artists who worked in a traditional manner. A painted screen by him was exhibited in Kunsthalle, Bremen in 1898. In 1906 he held a one-man exhibition in Antwerp. He took part in the Brussels World Exhibition of 1910. In 1913 the municipal authorities of Heist produced a poster devised by him, which was used for the promotion of the Kustplaats. He distinguished himself among other things with an honourable mention at the World Exhibition of Paris in 1889, the silver medal in Bordeaux 1895 and the silver medal in Brussels 1910.

At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 he fled to Great Britain, where he was mainly known as portraitist. By 1917 he was living in Italy and visited Capri.

Boudry particularly chose subjects in poor neighbourhoods, many depicting the fishermen of Nieuwpoort (of which this painting is probably an example). In the book Painters in Belgium, 1830 to 1921, Pol de Mont described AloÔs Boudry as "a painter of contemporary volksleven". His son Robert Boudry (1872-1961) and its grandson Paul Boudry (1913-1976) was also painters.

Examples of his work are in the museums of Antwerp, Kortrijk and the National Fishery Museum of Oostduinkerke.

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