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Haymakers Resting, Thomas Miles Richardson jnr

 t. 01935 814465  e.

Charles Edward Wilson (Exh. 1889-1929)

Wilson was a painter of rustic genre subjects in watercolour. He exhibited seventeen works at the Royal Academy and thirteen works at the New Watercolour Society as well as exhibiting at various other venues. He was born at Whitwell in Nottinghamshire and lived at Addiscombe in Surrey. Wilson studied at Sheffield School of Art.


Titles at the Royal Academy include; “The Light of the Cottage”,

“Gathering Blackberries” and “The Farmer’s Daughter”.


The work of Charles Edward Wilson is always intensely personal with a rare feeling for the beauty of colour and rendered with a charming grace of line. His paintings capture the picturesque and romantic aspect of his subject and at the same time display an inspirational power. His workmanship can only be described as superb.

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