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Venice at Dusk, Italy, Alexandre Nicolaievich Roussoff

 t. 01935 814465  e.

Georgina de L'Aubiniere (ex.1880-1905)

Daughter of English watercolourist John Steeple, she studied art in England & was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy. She moved to Paris where she met fellow artist Constant de L'Aubinière, whom she married in 1874. She studied with Corot and Gérome and exhibited at the Cercle des Arts Libéraux in 1882. After touring France and England, the couple traveled to North America in 1882. They lectured, painted and exhibited from coast to coast until 1885-86. In Colorado L'Aubinière depicted mountain scenery before going with her husband to paint in California and British Columbia. She lived in Montreal for several years and painted Montmorency in 1888. Queen Victoria was an admirer of her work, purchasing two paintings in 1880, and receiving a series of the artist's British Columbian landscapes from the Provincial Legislature in 1887. Her work can be found in the Dominion Gallery, Montreal.

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