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Still Life with Oranges & Cherries, Arthur Dudley

 t. 01935 814465  e.

Valentine Bartholomew (fl.1799-1879)

Although he had some professional instruction at 16, Bartholomew was largely self-taught. From 1821-1827 he worked for & lived with, Charles Hullmandel the lithographer, whose daughter, Adelaide, he married in the latter year. He executed a work on flowers for Hullmandel, and in 1926 exhibited a flower piece at the RA. He was a member of the NWS in 1834 & 1835, and was elected AOWS in the latter year. He was appointed Flower Painter in Ordinary to the Duchess of Kent in 1836, and Flower Painter in Ordinary to the Queen in 1837. He lived in London & married his second wife in 1840. They were well known for their hospitality. Examples are in the VAM.

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