Ross Castle, Lake Killarney, Aston Bragg

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Professional Services

We provide a number of professional services:


  • Professional framing service: Our service has a turn around time of between 7 & 10 days depending on when the item is left with us or whether there is a special finish needed. With over 15 years of advising people on their framing needs, you will get a great service that you will be happy with.
  • Bespoke frame restoration and frame making from original Victorian mouldings. Our highly skilled frame maker can restore damaged traditional frames and create new ones in using his large collection of original mouldings.
  • Professional watercolour restoration service: Our watercolour restorer has over 35 years experiece of cleaning & restoring watercolours to the highest standards.
  • Professional Oil painting restoration service: Our oil painting restorer has over 35 years experience of cleaning & restoring oil paintings to the highest standards.
  • Probate and Insurance valuations. Items can be brought to the gallery for free verbal valuation by arrangement. More formal valuations will involve a visit by our specialist by appointment.
  • Collection Building. We advise on and actively build art collections for pleasure and/or investment on behalf of clients, private and corporate.
  • Broking Service. We have had considerable success broking sales to other collectors, or to galleries, using our network of contacts, or where appropriate, introducing clients to the best auction locations according to the nature of the painting(s) required to be sold.


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