North Shields Harbour, Thomas Bush Hardy

 t. 01935 814465  e.

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Josiah Wood Whymper, RI (1813-1903)

Born the son of a brewer, Whymper was apprenticed to a stonemason. He soon turned to drawing and painting, settled in London in 1829 and studied under William Collingwood Smith (18151887).

After having an etching of London Bridge published, he became well known as an illustrator and engraved for Black, John Murray, Cassell and other publishers. His wood engraving enterprise became one of London's most successful.

He also painted watercolours, specialising in riverscapes, and gave drawing classes to pupils such as Charles Samuel Keene (18231891), John William North (18421924), George John Pinwell (18421875) and Frederick Walker (18401875).

He also produced fine engravings of animals, fish, landscapes and wonders of the world for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, sold for 3/4d penny plain, 2d pence coloured. Toward the end of his life he lived in Haslemere in Surrey, where he died in 1903.

Farmer & Dog Watching Cattle Feeding

Farmer & Dog Watching Cattle Feeding


11½" x 17"



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